Marble is the cornerstone of architecture in the classical world. Its beauty and durability are justly renowned.  Until relatively recently, the costs of quarrying,  transporting, and finishing the stone were too great to enable any but the wealthiest to use it in their homes, but technology has reduced those costs over the years, and now marble is widely available in the residential marketplace.  Different types of marble --  carrara, makrana, and breccia, for example – are characterized by varied grains, colors, and levels of translucency.  Colors range from pure white to jet black, with shades of blue, brown, green, pink, red, and orange in between.   The finish may be polished or honed (with a fine but textured feel, like the surface of sanded but unvarnished wood).  Marble is available in blocks, slabs, tiles, mosaics, and veneers.


With the same qualities as marble as far as accessibility and fabrication with the additional benefit of being a much older stone consequently it is the most durable natural stone. The millions of years that took granite to form, allows us to use granite in areas that require more durability and even though marble could be used in kitchens, the industry highly recommends the use of granite because its surface is much stronger, less porous and more durable. Different types of granite – Black Pearl, Bianco Romano, Desert Amarillo, Emerald Pearl. The finish in granite could be polished, honed and now brushed or leathered. Granite is available is slabs and tiles.

Is there a Threat in the use of Granite?


There are natural stones that Luna Marble uses in the fabrication and installation of different surfaces according to your needs. Limestone and Travertine are younger stones with an incredible charm and warmth but not recommended on Kitchen countertops because they are too porous; but highly recommended in bathrooms, fireplaces and floors. Properly and frequently sealed they can maintain their old world look. Onyx is a much stronger stone (like granite) and has a unique quality…it is translucent, but harder to find so it makes it more pricy. We work with competitive suppliers of great quality Onyx.


Are relatively new and are solid slabs made primarily from quartz crystals, nature’s most abundant mineral next to water, bonded with a small amount of pigment and man-made resins. . Engineered stone products are gaining in popularity and are sometimes preferred over granite products because engineered stone requires less maintenance and has better resistance to stains and bacterial contamination. It is used primarily for kitchen countertops. Luna Marble, Granite & Tile represents most engineered stones available in the market and they are the following:




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